Is Your Wrap Thirsty?

Apr 04, 2017Skylar Reddy

We at High Hemp Wraps have noticed our wraps in dryer states have the tendency to become slightly brittle. This occurrence is due to our formulas lack of additives and the natural consistency from the hemp glucose. Your wrap is not damaged, but rather thirsty.

Throughout blunt history, many of us have seen the occasional tongue rub down most blunts receive before packing and rolling. That is a reasonable course of action to take when adding moisture to your High Hemp Wrap. However, we have a couple of other options;


  • Dampen two paper towels to place your wrap between, giving it a layer of wetness on both sides.
  • Hold the wrap flat in your palm and huff warm air until the paper loosens up.
  • Apply a small layer of honey for extra moisture, sweetness, and stick.
  • Head over to our friends at for an all natural wrap glue, giving you a salvia and germ-free option.




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  • Burns great Tastes great.

    Brandon P Wolfe

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