High Hemp Co.

High Hemp Rolling Paper Cones

$ 60.00
Box or Pack
$ 60.00
Each pack delivers 6 meticulously crafted Paper Cones in a 1 1/4th size, ready to elevate your smoking experience. Discover the enduring, slow-burning quality of High Hemp Paper Cones, now infused with the delightful and smooth essence of our unique all-natural flavors. Welcome the vibrant world of High Hemp Flavored Paper Cones with our inaugural flavor - Maui Mango.
Maui Mango paved the path as High Hemp's pioneer flavor and has since remained a cherished choice among enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the gentle tropical aroma and authentic mango flavor exuded by High Hemp Maui Mango Paper Cones. Each cone promises a voyage to a tropical haven, making every session a sweet escape. Embrace the tropics with High Hemp Maui Mango Paper Cones and let the smooth, fruity notes accompany your moments of relaxation