The Fuzzy History of Peaches In the USA
Aug 08, 2022
August is national Peach month – a celebration of the decadent fruit that has been dubbed the symbol of longevity and immortality. 
The Pride of Cannabis
Jun 29, 2022
There is a nexus between cannabis culture and LGBTQ+ rights.
Diversity in the Hemp
Jun 19, 2022
Out of the 3.2 million hemp farmers, only 1.4% are African American.
Looking to the past
May 20, 2022
As cannabis reformation, decriminalization and regulations are becoming more commonplace for everyday use; it’s a good reminder to us all that using cannabis wasn’t considered a taboo long ago
Pass the Dutchie
May 06, 2022
In the 16th Century tulips were considered a sign of the aristocracy. “Tulipmania”
Sustainability, alternatives and the new ‘Hempsation’
Apr 22, 2022
Hemp has been shown to capture atmospheric carbon twice as effectively as some forests while also providing carbon negative bio-materials for construction purposes (textile fabrics, etc).