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      News — Hemp Wraps

      blunt rolling

      The Final Straw

      With all the recent talks about saving the sea turtles, people have started swapping out plastic straws for metal or paper, all over the world people are stopping their use on plastic bags and carrying around their own. Being environmentally conscious isn't just a fad, it's a lifestyle!

      How long have you been a High Hemp fan? Did you know we've gone through countless different packaging options over time? We aim to provide the most mindful options for our packaging and for our products to ultimately make our customers happy with what's in their hand.

      If you're an OG fan, you probably remember the plastic straws that held our wraps in place in the pouch. We phased out those plastic straws over two years ago! Since then we've replaced those with a biodegradable recycled cardboard straw. Making this change was imperative to us in order to stick true to our word and the new cardboard option serves other purposes as well. Before we released our own filters (check them out HERE), we encouraged folks to cut their straws into filters or for pokers! You can also use your empty wrap pouches for a blunt/joint stash bag or save them for finished blunts/joints to avoid littering. 

      What do you do with your recycled straws? 

      (If you find a wrap with plastic straws, please send a photo and feedback to


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      Grape Ape Inquiries

      Grape Ape Inquiries

      If you've been a fan of our products for a long time, you know that the Grape Ape wrap was one of our first of many delicious wraps to be added to our roster. We flavor all of our wraps with a natural essential oil blend that captures the essence of whatever flavor we are trying to imitate without any harsh chemicals or additives. To do this, we use real ingredients! Our Grape Ape flavor is achieved by adding heaps of organic red and purple grapes to make that natural aroma shine through.

      We've come across a huge problem in this process though - red tinted cardboard straws.


      If you haven't seen this before, you're probably not smoking enough High Hemp Wraps (just kidding!) but we do want to be transparent about this ongoing concern. We want you to know that we've been seeing your messages and we hear you. This is definitely not up to our HIGH standards and we are currently making strides to have this issue cleaned up for good.

      If you find a product that doesn't look right, please email us photos and your feedback to We appreciate your understanding! Thank you for rolling with us!

      Is Your Wrap Thirsty?

      We at High Hemp Wraps have noticed our wraps in dryer states have the tendency to become slightly brittle. This occurrence is due to our formulas lack of additives and the natural consistency from the hemp glucose. Your wrap is not damaged, but rather thirsty.

      Throughout blunt history, many of us have seen the occasional tongue rub down most blunts receive before packing and rolling. That is a reasonable course of action to take when adding moisture to your High Hemp Wrap. However, we have a couple of other options;


      • Dampen two paper towels to place your wrap between, giving it a layer of wetness on both sides.
      • Hold the wrap flat in your palm and huff warm air until the paper loosens up.
      • Apply a small layer of honey for extra moisture, sweetness, and stick.
      • Head over to our friends at for an all natural wrap glue, giving you a salvia and germ-free option.






      “Use of this product will expose you to chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  ‘No Tobacco-No Nicotine’ does not mean safer or safer than other tobacco products.”


      You may have recently seen this posted below on our wraps and wondered this meant, considering you were told they were all organic and natural wraps.  What we wanted to make very clear to our consumers is we may be the cleanest and safest wrap on the market, not using toxic additives or tobacco, but during the process of smoking you are exposing yourself to carbon monoxide, which is known to increase your chances of cancer.  We have simply eliminated the increased risks of cancer from inhalation of excess chemicals commonly found in tobacco based wraps.

      This information is not regulated or tested under the FDA. These are non psychoactive ingredients. We do not condone the use of illegal substances this is for legal herbal blends. 

      High Hemp Wraps CBD Information High Hemp Paper Hemp Background

      There's Something About CBD...

      An exciting attribute found within our High Hemp Wraps are the naturally occurring CBD's, making High Hemp Organic Wraps CBD positive. Please keep in mind our hemp wraps are NOT infused with CBD. Unlike any other hemp wrap in the market, we tested the composition of our wraps and the results are listed below.  Amounts are indicative of compounds found in a single High Hemp wrap.


      High Hemp Blunt Wraps CBD Content Graph CBD Positive Blunt Wraps



      On another note,

      Cannabiniols (CBDs) are the second highest compound to make up cannabis sativa plants, at roughly 40%.  While CBD is similar to THC, their composition lacks any psychoactive effects typically associated with THC and are purely medicinal.  CBD's most recently picked up traction after their plethora of benefits was tested and proven in the medical industry, following years of stigma and poor speculation.  

      This information is not regulated or tested under the FDA. These are non psychoactive ingredients. We do not condone the use of illegal substances this is for legal herbal blends. 

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