High Hemp......Rolling Papers?

Jun 09, 2017Skylar Reddy

Have you ever heard conserving chlorophyll through the process of dehydration?  Well, that’s because it’s only been done to create High Hemp Rolling Papers.  Our experts developed a process of chlorophyll conservation to naturally produce green rolling papers, eliminating the need for any dyes, bleaches, or additives.  As always, our mission is to provide you with the most natural ways to roll your herbs.

We’re adding High Hemp Rolling Papers to our revolutionary organic family this summer!  The High Hemp Company stays consistently in the works of expanding the market for organic products.  We feel the process of rolling has been clouded with a poor public perception due to the tobacco wrap industry. We’re changing the rules of the game and adding our own genre of smoking, a clean one.  

Welcome to the Era of Clean Smoking.

Be sure to request us at your local shops for best local pricing and the instant gratification of rolling your herbs the greenest way.

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