Warning - High Hemp Herbal Wraps


Oct 11, 2016Skylar Reddy

“Use of this product will expose you to chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  ‘No Tobacco-No Nicotine’ does not mean safer or safer than other tobacco products.”


You may have recently seen this posted below on our wraps and wondered this meant, considering you were told they were all organic and natural wraps.  What we wanted to make very clear to our consumers is we may be the cleanest and safest wrap on the market, not using toxic additives or tobacco, but during the process of smoking you are exposing yourself to carbon monoxide, which is known to increase your chances of cancer.  We have simply eliminated the increased risks of cancer from inhalation of excess chemicals commonly found in tobacco based wraps.

This information is not regulated or tested under the FDA. These are non psychoactive ingredients. We do not condone the use of illegal substances this is for legal herbal blends. 

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  • Does this product contain tobacco

  • Smoking is bad for u period..But hemp seems like a better way..IT IS MY OPINION THAT THAT TOBACCO BLUNTS IS THE WORST WAY TO SMOKE..

    DONALD Joseph
  • I used to be hooked on tobacco leafs when I used to roll up hull but ever since my bf has introduced me to hemp wraps I never looked back at game leafs and backwoods I have always wanted to smoke the most natural way possible and without the throat burning and nasty tobacco smells . Seems like you get more addicted to the tobacco then anything else if you know what I mean so rn I am anti tobacco I love these wraps 10/10


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