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Do You Know Hemp?

A concern often brought to us regards the legality of hemp in the U.S.  The cultivation of industrial hemp in the U.S is still prohibited, however importation of hemp based products remains legal.  The U.S is actually one of the world’s largest importers of hemp related items, purchasing $580 million in product each year. “But isn’t hemp just another word for marijuana?”  Not technically.  Hemp and Marijuana may be derived from the same plant, cannabis, but the two vastly differ.  The levels of THC in a hemp plant is around 0.03%, however on average a marijuana plant is around 15%.  THC...

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Ban on Blunts

  The US has implemented a nationwide prohibition on the distribution of much beloved tobacco based blunt wraps.  In heavily populated metropolitan areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston, ordinances have already taken effect and removed all tobacco based blunt wraps from the shelves.  Upon recognizing the trend of tobacco regulation and the declining industry, our team hoped to revive the market by eliminating the need for tobacco. High Hemps was introduced as the first ever tobacco free hemp based herbal wrap.  When developing the product, we sought to create an herbal wrap that was natural to the core.  We are...

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