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Best Place to Shop

Mar 01, 2019Dorsa Vaziri

We all love finding a good deal, but at what price?

Here at High Hemp Wraps, we value our customers and their hard earned money and wanted to share the best ways to shop our products.

We are currently working on a global takeover but for now we have a large number of local smoke shops and stores all over the world that exclusively carry our products. You can find out where we are sold HERE. If you're a store that needs to be added to our Store Locator page, please send us an email! We want as many stores as possible to have High Hemp Wraps available and ready. 
If you can’t find a nearby local retailer, your next best bet is our website. We know places like Amazon and eBay are sometimes easier to click quick and get your wraps immediately, but unfortunately we can't guarantee the quality from those sites. We are the only authorized online retailer for High Hemp Wraps and all affiliated products. Our distributors work hard to bring you the freshest wraps, but with those other online retailers, we aren’t sure what you're getting and we want you to have the best. Shopping with us on our website can ensure your purchase, gives you the highest quality directly from the source and we can get it to you with exclusive High Hemp goodies! 
If you’ve made it to the end of this blog post, use code “BLOGBUD” and check out how easy it is to shop all our products. 


For stores who need to be added or if you're shopping somewhere you don't see listed, send us an email at (there might be a prize for you if you do).


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