The Fuzzy History of Peaches In the USA
Aug 08, 2022
August is national Peach month – a celebration of the decadent fruit that has been dubbed the symbol of longevity and immortality. 
Hemp Heritage Month
Jul 19, 2022
The political climate has kept the nation’s exposure to a minimum so take this month to embrace the upwards trajectory that hemp has been on for the past 85 years – speak to farmers, wear hemp made clothing, speak to politicians, and of course start conversations about its many uses.  
Organic Living
Jul 14, 2022
As much as we acknowledge the important past and present of cannabis reform, the diversity...
The Pride of Cannabis
Jun 29, 2022
There is a nexus between cannabis culture and LGBTQ+ rights.
Diversity in the Hemp
Jun 19, 2022
Out of the 3.2 million hemp farmers, only 1.4% are African American.
GrassPass: About Our Esteemed Partner
Jun 15, 2022
Here at High Hemp, we are always thinking ahead and working on amazing things behind...