The Pride of Cannabis

The Pride of Cannabis

Jun 29, 2022Phil Alvarez


During the height of progressivism of the 1960’s, legalizing both marijuana and advocating for gay rights were the subject of protest by many young activists pushing for change from post-war America and moving forward with how many were changing as a society. As the time progressed into the 1970’s, some states were able to decriminalize homosexual activity but sadly, marijuana reform was at a stalemate. Per the Controlled Substances act of 1970, cannabis was listed as a schedule I drug which meant – maximum abuse potential and no medicinal value. Which was another defeat for marijuana reformation. In the 1980’s, America was bestricken with the the epidemic of HIV & AIDS. There is a parallel connection between gay rights and marijuana reformation. Without seeking medical advice, many were turning to marijuana to help treat HIV & AIDS related symptoms and rather than pushing for reformation, America introduced 1986’s Drug Abuse act. Fast forward to the 1990’s, we get introduced to California’s Proposition 215 bill which was historically the first bill to legalize cannabis for medicinal use; one of the bill’s co-authors, Dennis Peron had been an advocate of cannabis since the 70’s after his partner used it while living with AIDS. In short, both cannabis and gay rights have been marginalized by society for decades and it is only now that both are becoming a norm with more states decriminalizing marijuana and of course gay marriage is completely legal. Cannabis is inherently queer and during the month of Pride, it’s good to remember where cannabis advocacy came from and celebrate those who made it happen.  



This Pride month we are giving back a portion of ALL of our sales directly to the Center Orlando. They are a non-profit resource for LGBTQ+ peoples. We are proud to give back to our community. Read more below 

The Center Orlando 

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