Organic Living

Organic Living

Jul 14, 2022Conner Lantz

As much as we acknowledge the important past and present of cannabis reform, the diversity found within, and how we’ve pushed reform to feel proud about where we are currently with cannabis in the country, planning for the future is just as crucial in today’s world as the former topics.

As cannabis explodes across the nation, becoming conscious of the sustainability and alternative ways of consuming and distributing our favorite plants become an important part of how we play in the industry. 

Amongst these, we can take more than a few tips from two critical words—organic living

Defining Organic Living In Cannabis Sustainability And Consumption

If there were a universal handbook on cannabis sustainability, Organic Living would be one of the bases on which the book was written—no doubt about it! 

To start, the USDA defines organic products as “products that were certified to have grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest. 

These substances essentially include synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which also address other growth factors such as soil quality, raising practices, and pest and weed control. 

Organic Living Blends Together What We Need For A Better, Healthier Cannabis Future

This idea of growing products without synthetic or chemical products that have been cultivated in clean and natural soil with only the love of their growers and healthy plant food is a dream for cannabis consumers all over the world. 

As we gain access to more truths about how large-scale cannabis is produced, it becomes more of a negative than a positive—too many unnecessary terpenes added for better taste, mass production and waste of cannabis byproducts.

If we break down and incorporate what organic living means to us simply as a way of cultivating cleaner products that were grown ethically with their byproducts recycled, we end up with a true form of a more sustainable future within our cannabis culture as well as a blueprint for present and future treatment and use of cannabis to be used for years to come! 

Our 100% Organic Culture At High Hemp 

First and foremost, our paper is one of the only organic wraps out on the market today. We pride ourselves in not using any formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or preservatives. 

We know that sometimes in farming and in paper making animal products or bi-products are still massively used. Such as; egg shells, carmine, animal remains, and others. 

Apart from our full organic promise, we also have a priority to keep any animal product far from our cultivation and paper-making process. 

We are a vegan brand so we use a honey flavor substitute to give High Hemp Honey Pot Swirl an authentic flavor without using animal byproducts.

Our company worked hard to find a location and a positive work culture where we could successfully grow hemp that was 100% vegan and organic to deliver proudly to our customers across the world!

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