GrassPass: About Our Esteemed Partner

GrassPass: About Our Esteemed Partner

Jun 15, 2022Conner Lantz

Here at High Hemp, we are always thinking ahead and working on amazing things behind the scenes. With that being said, both loyal customers and newcomers alike are sure to love one of our latest developments: 

In case you were not aware of the exciting news from earlier this year, we were thrilled to recently announce our new partnership with GrassPass!

Keep following along with this blog as we talk about GrassPass while detailing its membership benefits, and touching on why we love working with such monumental brands. 

About GrassPass

First, let’s talk about what makes GrassPass so uniquely great as well as an excellent match for our team. 

GrassPass was founded in 2018. Above all else, this independent, woman-owned technology company is on a mission to break down as many barriers as possible in the cannabis industry. They are working to open doors to make all women feel more welcome in the industry.

GrassPass is a premium membership service that offers an unparalleled cannabis shopping experience. They also offer certain perks. 

These perks include (but are not limited to): 

  • preferred product tracking
  • convenient options for ordering ahead
  • member concierge services

Additionally, another of the perks offered is certainly one of our favorites: the ability to skip the line at select dispensaries

GrassPass Membership Benefits 

Next, let’s talk about some GrassPass membership benefits. GrassPass proudly works with the best dispensaries and cannabis companies in the industry. 

GrassPass provides a premier dispensary experience for adult-use cannabis customers. The GrassPass platform is designed to give a universal, enhanced cannabis shopping experience at its affiliated dispensaries. 

Members can enjoy their shopping experience through their easy and secure app. What’s more, dispensaries receive a boost in ongoing sales and marketing from this high-value, rapidly growing segment.

Be sure to check out their Partner Page for a comprehensive list of their partner companies or visit their Members page for more details. 

These partners and members are amongst the most trusted brands and friends in cannabis! 

Get the Best at High Hemp with a GrassPass Membership

At High Hemp Company, we pride ourselves on being one of the first all-organic herbal wrap companies providing a cleaner, more flavorful smoke. 

We aim to break the trend of tobacco-based products and create better alternatives. Our herbal blends, gummies, and tinctures are a compilation of the best natural ingredients.

Our High Hemp gummies are composed of all-natural ingredients. They're vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain NO high fructose corn syrup (which is hard to find all in one package).

With the GrassPass membership benefits you can receive 20% off gummies, and 25% off tinctures when using the discount code through their online application. 

High Hemp Wrap Co. - We’re All About Conscious Consumption

Finally, needless to say, the legal cannabis and hemp industries have taken off astronomically, and we cannot wait to see what happens as we bring them further into the 21st century. 

Within the past few years, we have seen many new states legalize. We have also seen a tremendous amount of new products and brands.

But while we surely love to see all this growth, it is important to also practice conscious consumption when it comes to choosing trusted, forward-thinking brands for your natural wellness needs. 

This is why working with brands such as GrassPass is so crucial for what we do. 

We fully believe that consuming consciously really makes a difference, so we will continue to partner with brands that work towards a better world. 


For more HH news, cannabis and hemp culture, the latest trends, and our latest products – be sure to bookmark our blog page!

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