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Sep 16, 2016Skylar Reddy
An exciting attribute found within our High Hemp Wraps are the naturally occurring CBD's, making High Hemp Organic Wraps CBD positive. Please keep in mind our hemp wraps are NOT infused with CBD. Unlike any other hemp wrap in the market, we tested the composition of our wraps and the results are listed below.  Amounts are indicative of compounds found in a single High Hemp wrap.


High Hemp Blunt Wraps CBD Content Graph CBD Positive Blunt Wraps



On another note,

Cannabiniols (CBDs) are the second highest compound to make up cannabis sativa plants, at roughly 40%.  While CBD is similar to THC, their composition lacks any psychoactive effects typically associated with THC and are purely medicinal.  CBD's most recently picked up traction after their plethora of benefits was tested and proven in the medical industry, following years of stigma and poor speculation.  

This information is not regulated or tested under the FDA. These are non psychoactive ingredients. We do not condone the use of illegal substances this is for legal herbal blends. 

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Comments (5)

  • Very smooth and slow burning. I’ve tried a ton and while the race for 1st imo is tight, High Hemps edges out any competition due to their wide variety of flavors and CBD+. Grape Ape and Hubba Bubba are amazing (I’ve tried them all)! High quality filter tips are an added bonus.

  • Papers are the Best Thing Smoking .. taste all the flowers. I converted from Tobacco.

    Ace Cold Case
  • I love these hemp wraps, won’t go back to old alternatives. Thank you!

    Jesus Tinajero Orozco
  • Just tried High Hemp today and I like them. I like them alot, bettet than what I currently use

  • Justo compre “organic wraps” y desde quelos abri me encantaron, Felicidades.

    Alondra Rodriguez

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