Do You Know Hemp?

Aug 23, 2016Skylar Reddy

A concern often brought to us regards the legality of hemp in the U.S.  The cultivation of industrial hemp in the U.S is still prohibited, however importation of hemp based products remains legal.  The U.S is actually one of the world’s largest importers of hemp related items, purchasing $580 million in product each year.

“But isn’t hemp just another word for marijuana?”  Not technically.  Hemp and Marijuana may be derived from the same plant, cannabis, but the two vastly differ.  The levels of THC in a hemp plant is around 0.03%, however on average a marijuana plant is around 15%.  THC is an active component in which initiates the physical euphoria upon smoking.  With such minuscule levels of THC, hemp is not recommended to someone looking to recreationally use it, as it causes none of the benefits sought for recreation. 

Another difference to examine is the actual cultivation of hemp and how that differs from marijuana.  Marijuana is often grown in controlled environments with limited space and plants.  Hemp is grown wildly in large fields, stretching for acres at a time.  This is because there are about 50,000 different uses for hemp.  High Hemps, our natural hemp based wrap, is just one of those 50,000.


Always Smoke Fresh.

Always Smoke Natural.


This information is not regulated or tested under the FDA. These are non psychoactive ingredients. We do not condone the use of illegal substances this is for legal herbal blends. 

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