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The Science Of Rolling Blunts

Apr 01, 2021Conner Lantz

Here at High Hemp Co., we're proud to bring you the world's first-ever all-natural herbal wraps to help you get lifted in style. The best thing about our wraps? They contain absolutely zero traces of nicotine, tobacco, or other toxic additives, ensuring you're getting an all-organic experience each time you toke up. We're also highly passionate about cannabis and hemp culture and everything associated with alternative self-care. 

In an earlier blog, we talked in more detail about the specific advantages of choosing our organic hemp wraps for your smoking necessities. It can be quite intimidating for those unfamiliar with the science of rolling blunts when you're getting ready to roll for the first time. But, not to worry, we're here to help! Read on as we detail the process of rolling a solid blunt - something that is very easy to do, but learning the right way is key.

Step 1: Wrap Storage & Getting Prepped to Roll

Before you can start to learn how to roll a great blunt, let's talk about some essential basics that will help you make the best out of your puffing experience. First, if you're using our all-organic hemp wraps, be sure to store them in low humidity (60-85 degrees F) for optimal results. 

Next, you'll need a suitable surface. We recommend using our handy rolling tray, but any solid, clean tabletop will do. Now, grab your flower, your grinder, scissors (optional), throw on some of your favorite relaxing, uplifting music, and you're almost ready to roll!

Step 2: Moistening Your Wrap

Once you've removed your wrap from its packaging, the next step is to make sure your wrap is moist enough for you to be able to roll it without cracking the leaf. Trust us, there's nothing worse than looking forward to that blunt all day, only to have the wrap crumble in your hands when you finally go to roll. You can simply use your breath to bring your wrap to life. Gently unwrap the sheet onto the palm of your hand. Place your other hand on top of the sheet. Once the sheet is snug between your two palms, breath into it for at least 15 seconds. You'll quickly see your hemp wrap come to life, becoming more manageable. 

Step 3: Rolling Your Blunt

There are two basic ways to go about rolling your blunt, after you've ground up your flower. The first: keeping your wrap on the surface - place your flower close to one of the edges so that you're able to tuck it in as you start rolling it with your thumb and index finger. Before you create a perfect roll, be sure to moisten the opposite edge of the wrap with your tongue as you make the final seal. The second way: pick up your wrap (with the flower at the edge) and hold it between your thumb and index finger on both hands while rolling it towards the opposite edge. Seal as we described, and Voila, you've got your blunt! 

Step 4: Light Up & Enjoy

Some tokers may prefer a neater blunt if this is you - grab your scissors and even out both ends of the blunt so that no extra flower is falling out or getting in the way of your smoke. Once you've got an even cut on both sides, you're ready to grab your lighter or matches — Light Up — & Enjoy!


At High Hemp Co., our team is committed to bringing you the best possible option to ensure a great smoking experience. 

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