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Why Choose Our Organic Hemp Wraps?

Feb 23, 2021Conner Lantz

Why Choose Our Organic Hemp Wraps?

As the world’s first all-organic herbal wrap, we at High Hemp Co. are proud to provide a natural alternative to the normal tobacco-based options that have classically been available throughout the years. With more and more people choosing healthier, organic products when it comes to their food, cosmetics, supplements, etc. — hemp wellness is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. 

Whether you’re an avid roller of blunts, or just getting into the game - you may be asking, “Why should I choose organic hemp wraps over traditional tobacco-based options?” Keep reading as we break down some of the main reasons so many people are making the switch.

What Does it Mean to be ‘Organic’?

The term ‘organic’, while not new by any means, seems like it has skyrocketed into the mainstream within the past few decades. As the public has become more aware of the widespread use of harmful substances in the things we consume, the need for a more natural solution has become apparent. Unfortunately, with this awareness also comes confusion. So, what does being ‘organic’ mean to us? Everything.

We’re proud to offer hemp wraps that have absolutely zero preservatives, antibiotics, growth stimulants, or formulated fertilizers — which means that you’re smoking a product that comes from only the healthiest, most naturally-grown hemp plants sourced from the Netherlands; as you inhale, you’ll instantly recognize the pronounced notes and flavors of a fully-organic product.

We Are Proudly Vegan

Another reason why our all-organic herbal wraps are the clear choice when it comes to picking your best option, is that we are a 100% vegan brand. Our team realizes the tremendous amount of animal by-products routinely used in farming and paper making, and so we pay strict attention to ensuring that no such substances are involved in our process. You can feel good that what you’re inhaling is made with love, care and concern for your body and for the environment.

We are “CBD Positive”! 

In addition to being all-organic and vegan, there’s something else that makes our hemp wraps unique. We are ‘CBD positive’, meaning that our extensive lab testing has uncovered trace amounts of naturally-occurring CBD within our wraps. Keep in mind, this does not mean that our products are infused with CBD, but when making the choice between tobacco-based wraps and hemp wraps, choosing the option containing natural compounds is a no-brainer.

Help Us Pick Our Next Flavor!

Our customers have come to love our exciting (and extensive) array of products and flavors. From lighters, to filter tips, rolling trays and apparel, we offer functional accessories to treat yourself or the canna-connoisseur in your life. 

With popular flavors such as Blazin’ Cherry, Banana Goo, and Maui Mango already “burning up” our catalog, we decided it was time to spice things up and add another flavor into the mix. Help us pick a new one from these flavors: Sour Apple, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Passion Fruit, & Orange. Or - suggest your own!


Here at High Hemp Co., our team is committed to bringing you the best possible option to ensure a great smoking experience. 

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