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New & Exciting Hemp Cultivars

May 28, 2021Conner Lantz

With more chances for research and development, within the past decade the world of hemp cultivars has experienced unprecedented growth. As the hemp plant regains its rightful place in the mainstream as a beneficial component of modern self-care, there are exciting things happening as savvy growers and researchers develop varieties that are more suited for their particular climate, contain more beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, and have new tastes and flavors that will surely astound the senses. 

At High Hemp Co. — we're always looking to be on the cutting edge of the latest happenings in the hemp universe — so keep reading as we detail some of the freshest new hemp cultivars that will surely be making a splash in 2021, and beyond. 

"Duchess" & "Ambassador" - Charlotte’s Web Cultivars

Charlotte's Web has become one of the more recognizable names in the hemp industry and boasts the 'most recognized and trusted' hemp CBD extract. Recently, three of its new cultivars have been accepted into Canada's hemp program; in addition to their classic CW1AS1 that is used in their original extract formula, they will also be offering their "Ambassador" and "Duchess" cultivars that are developed for shorter northern climate growing seasons and for their early maturity factor. 

"Eighty Eight" & "Painted Lady" - Davis Farms

Oregon's Davis Farms is proud to be working within the legal hemp sphere: "At Davis Farms of Oregon, our primary focus has been on breeding. To produce cannabinoid and terpene rich varieties of feminized industrial hemp seed. Our genetics are proven and selected for production based on several agronomic and performance factors." 

Davis Farms' Eighty Eight hemp variety is frost-tolerant, thriving in moderate northern climates. Its earthy, citrus profile is certainly a treat for the senses and this cultivar is also rich in terpenes. Notable major terpenes include: Pinene & Caryophyllene. 

Similar to Eighty Eight, Davis Farms' Painted Lady is another cultivar that is suited for northern climates, it is frost-resistant, field-hardy and known for its vibrant colors. Like Eighty Eight, it is also rich in terpenes. Notable major terpenes include: Myrcene & Limonene. 

"ABOUND"- New West Genetics

Colorado's New West Genetics also have some exciting news regarding the status of their new hemp varieties. Recently, it was announced that four of their new cultivars have received their Certified Seed status from the Colorado Seed Growers Association and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. 

According to NWG's CTO, Rich Fletcher: "The certification standards give farmers the assurance that our seed will deliver on the claims; with an excellent germination rate, uniformity, and genetic purity. This is in addition to the CDA validation of a stable, federally compliant THC level, results in a variety that is mechanically harvested with ease and has high yield–all critical components to achieving a productive and predictable supply. US bred hemp varieties dramatically increase US farmers ability to compete and succeed in the hemp industry."

Entitled: ABOUND - this family of multi-purpose varieties has been developed because of its high-yield grain, CBD flower, and fiber production potential in the U.S. 

"Rogue", "Santiam", & "Umpqua" - Arcadia Biosciences

California's Arcadia Biosciences operate with a purpose to use science to "enhance the quality and nutritional value of crops in order to deliver unique health and wellness benefits in consumer products." To that end, they've developed three varieties that are grower-proven and have gone through their extensive proprietary seed production processes and seed conditioning program:

Rogue - with CBD levels near a whopping 10%, this variety is great for either biomass production or for smoking.  

Santiam - this variety was chosen because of its high yield, and surprisingly early flowering time (for being a full-season cultivar) - it has a lovely pink color, is pungent, and has a 28:1 CBD to THC ratio. 

Umpqua - their flagship cultivar, also has an early finish and has been grown successfully across the U.S. It is highly regarded for its distillate, smokable flower, and compliant levels of CBD. 

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