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What sets High Hemp apart?

Mar 11, 2021Aisha Navedo
High Hemp has become a staple brand in the smoking community. Founded in 2016, we have paved the way for a new smoking alternative. Here are the top reasons why High Hemp stands out in a market full of outdated practices:
  1. Natural CBD's High Hemp Wraps harvest organically grown industrial hemp. We've tested our wraps and provide documentation that our wraps have small CBD traces, making High Hemp Organic Wraps CBD positive naturally. We do not infuse the wraps with CBD.
  2. Tobacco-Free, The effects of tobacco use cause more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States. We at High Hemp want to get people away from tobacco use and experience a much cleaner and smoother smoking experience. We want to start the conversation about alternatives in every sense, not just the smoking world. Regardless of the benefits, there are still risks. With any smokable products, the combustion creates carbon monoxide, which is a chemical known to cause cancer. This is going to be found in any product you burn and inhale. But High Hemp takes away the nicotine, tobacco and toxic additives you'll find in other wraps, giving a more flavorful smoke.
  3. Our Look When you go to your local smoke shop or gas station, you notice right away if they have High Hemp Wraps available. Our wraps stand out on the shelf amongst the many options. We offer a clean look visually, and that look connects with the quality of our product.
  4. All Natural We pride ourselves on not using any formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or preservatives. Taking these measures will come to light when the consumer is smoking High Hemp with their legal herbal blends and can truly taste every note in their blend.
  5. GMO-FREE With a growing demand for hemp, some companies rely on genetically modified hemp. These practices often occur to harvest higher yields or to create plants resistant to specific pathogens. Our company worked hard to find a location where we could grow organic hemp that didn't need to go under these conditions. That place was the Netherlands; the rest was history.


High Hemp is a lifestyle, not just a wrap company. We believe in a healthier, more sustainable way to live. Our goal is to educate people on the benefits of hemp and CBD within our bodies and mind. Smoking doesn't have to be affected by tobacco and nicotine. Smoke clean and elevate your experience with High Hemp.

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