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High Hemp How to's

High Hemp Paper Products

Due to the organic nature of our hemp paper products, they tend to be sensitive to their environment.
One of the best ways to keep High Hemp paper products fresh and pliable is by storing them properly. The best storage settings for High Hemp Wraps, Wrap Cones, Rolling Paper, and Rolling Paper Cones is indoors (out of direct sunlight) in a dry, low humidity setting that has a consistent cool temperature between 60-85 degrees F. 

Resealable Pouches – High Hemp Wraps and High Hemp Artisanal Wrap Cones are packaged inside of resealable pouches. Utilize this specially designed perk of our packaging to keep the unused product fresh and pliable after opening. 

High Hemp Gummies + Tinctures

High Hemp's edible and topical products should be kept in an air-conditioned setting. Gummies may begin to melt if they get too warm which can cause the individual pieces to lose shape or stick together - storing gummies in the refrigerator can help avoid this sort of issue altogether. Tinctures do not need to be refrigerated. cases) and can still be enjoyed, but the overall quality of your expecan be less

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Our delicate paper-making process allows our products to maintain the natural characteristics of the organically cultivated Hemp plants we use to make them. Taking them from seed to your next smoke sesh with hemps unique natural qualities.  

The naturally coarse texture of Hemp  gives High Hemp Wraps and Cones their natural consistency – which is on the dryer-side, naturally. This means that High Hemp Wraps may roll up a little differently than what you're used to as a new user especially if you're accustomed to rolling with tobacco-based wraps.

There is nothing wrong with your wrap if it feels dry - you will just need to warm and moisten it up which you can do quickly and easily in the palm of your hand. 


Hold the dry wrap in your hands to warm it up. Bring the wrap to your mouth and exhale. Repeat this process until the wrap is malleable and able to be rolled. Wraps will quickly soften, smooth-out, and become more pliable therefore easier to roll once they are warmed up and given a little bit of moisture.

Hemp has a naturally more dry coarse texture, so do our wraps. Sometimes their dryness can make rolling seem a little bit tricky. Here's a quick and easy trick to fix this.

Wraps become more pliable once they are warmed up and given a little bit of moisture.

- Warm up a wrap by holding it in your hands.

- Bring the wrap up to your mouth and exhale to add more warmth and that little bit of moisture.

- Continue holding the wrap between your hands and applying your breath until it's ready to roll.

For additional tips and tricks check out our blog post titled "Is your Wrap Thirsty?"

Watch our video or other videos on Youtube.

High Hemp Product Basics

To put it simply, hemp wraps are sheets of paper made out of hemp (homogenized hemp paper). Hemp wraps are used for smoking tightly wrapped herbs in a smooth slow-burning fashion. The experience of using a hemp wrap is similar to that of using a traditional tobacco-based 'blunt wrap' or 'cigar wrap', but without any tobacco, offering smokers a tobacco-free alternative.

In 2015, High Hemp Wraps trailblazed onto the market as the first of its kind, the original organic hemp wrap.

Hemp cones are pre-rolled hemp wraps. The hemp wraps are pre-rolled into an open cone shape around a filter tip arriving ready to be filled with your preferred legal herb or blend. By eliminating the need for manual rolling, pre-rolled hemp wraps save time & effort, allowing you to relax, fill them up, light up, and enjoy.

High Hemp Cones, also known as High Hemp Wrap Cones and High Hemp Artisanal Cones are High Hemp Wraps pre-rolled into an open cone shape around a High Hemp Filter Tip. High Hemp Wraps and High Hemp Wrap Cones are made out of the same Hemp Paper.

  • The natural fibers of hemp ensure a slow, even burn.
  • No, hemp lacks the psychoactive compound THC, ensuring a THC-free experience.

High Hemp Organic Wraps are gluten free, do not contain any proteins found in wheat (wheatberries, durum, emmer, semolina, spelt, farina, farro, graham, KAMUT® khorasan wheat and einkorn), rye, barley and triticale – a cross between wheat and rye, their by products. 

We give you the cleanest paper with minimal ingredients, making it organic. With any smokable product, the combustion creates carbon monoxide, which is a chemical known to cause cancer. This is going to be found in ANY product you burn and inhale. The warning label is just part of protocol and we hope this clears things up.

100% Organic

Our hemp paper is one of the only organic wraps in the market today. We pride ourselves in not using any pesticides, antibiotics, growth stimulants, or formulated fertilizers. Taking these measures come to light when smoking High Hemp with an herbal blend and you can truly taste every single note. 

GMO Free

With a growing demand for hemp, some companies rely on genetically modified hemp. These practices often occur to harvest higher yields or to create plants resistant to certain pathogens. Our company worked hard to find a location where we could grow an organic hemp that didn't need to go under these conditions. That place was Netherlands; the rest was history.


Sometimes in farming and in paper making animal products or bi-products is still massively used. Such as; egg shells, carmine, animal remains, and others. Our biggest priority was to keep any animal product far from our cultivation and paper making process.  We are a vegan brand so we use a honey flavor substitute to give High Hemp Honey Pot Swirl an authentic flavor without using animal byproducts.


An exciting attribute found within our High Hemp Wraps are the naturally occurring CBD's, making High Hemp Organic Wraps CBD positive. Please keep in mind our hemp wraps are NOT infused with CBD. Unlike any other hemp wrap in the market, we tested the composition of our wraps and results show it is CBD positive (CBD+). For more details about CBD check out out blog post HERE

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