Pass the Dutchie

Pass the Dutchie

May 06, 2022Phil Alvarez
In honor of our Dutch Cream flavor, let’s talk about the awesome au natural aspects of the Netherlands. A soil-rich country filled with wonderful chocolates, coffee shops, ahem* the red light district, The Little Mermaid statue and beautiful historic towns - it’s no wonder it’s considered ‘The Happiest Nation’ worldwide. From mid-April to May, Denmark is what many would consider ‘keytime’ to visit due to the blossoming tulip fields along the coast. Long before they became a national staple in the Netherlands, tulips originated from Turkey and Persia in the 16th century during the spice trading routes. The term ‘tulip’ is thought to be derived from the Persian word for ‘turban’ as the bulb is reminiscent of a turban. Additionally, tulips were considered a hot commodity in the Netherlands - as a matter of fact in the 16th Century tulips were considered a sign of the aristocracy. “Tulipmania”, as it was properly dubbed due to the fact this flower caused one of the biggest market crashes in Dutch history. The prices of tulips - the bulbs specifically cost more than 6 times the average worker’s salary. Tulips were a sign of distinction, class, and good taste amongst the aristocratic clique. The outrageous prices of tulips have cooled down tremendously since the 16th century; however, tulips remain a large part of Dutch culture in the modern era. Since 1986, the Netherlands have sent tulip flowers to St. Peter’s Basilica every Easter as part of a tradition that began with Pope John Paul II’s visit to the country in 1985. Today, tulips can be seen (and plucked) along the oceanscape of Denmark & remains one of the most treasured natural beauties that Denmark produces. We love to celebrate the treasures nature provides for us - try our 100% organic hemp Dutch cream wrap today!

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