Georgia's Hemp Plan

Georgia's Hemp Plan

Apr 27, 2022Conner Lantz

While recreational marijuana laws have been rejected again and again and medical cannabis access remains far from perfect, Georgia’s progression around hemp regulation has begun to take off.

Although hemp was removed from the controlled substance list by means of the Farm Bill in 2018—most states have pushed it to the side to focus on their medical and, or recreational programs. 

On the other hand, Georgia has spent the past few years defining, amending, and updating their laws around hemp production. 

This will seemingly be a great start for the future development of cannabis in the state as well as the economic expansion of the plant for textile and production use. 

Why Should We Care About Hemp Production?

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about ‘hempsation’ and the huge role it plays in sustainability and alternative uses.

To recap, hemp has been shown that it has the ability to capture atmospheric carbon twice as effectively as some forests. 

In addition, many studies have demonstrated that hemp crops do not require the much-dreaded pesticides and use significantly less water to grow than their cotton counterpart. 

Georgia is one of the very first states aiming to display the plant’s abilities to not only be a transformative product of our future—but also establish a new job market that will bolster the economy of the state—by providing new job growth opportunities for various aspects of the industry including (but not limited to) cultivation, extraction, retail, marketing, and many more. 

Subsequently, we hope that with more growth will come more emphasis on social justice and finally righting the terrible wrongs of the failed War on Drugs.  

Some Important Basics Regarding Georgia’s Hemp Plan

The Georgia Hemp Plan, developed in March 2020, incorporates the Georgia Hemp Farming Act—a chapter with the intent to promote the exploration of, empower research, and ultimately move the state to the forefront of the hemp industry in the United States—and aims to create a further and more structured guideline for production, disposal, testing, and sale of hemp in the state.

As the market for CBD-related products derived from industrial hemp is projected to reach $24 billion in the U.S. by 2023, Georgia is taking the time to set up its growing and processing permits, define its delta-9 percentage thresholds, and implement relevant and legitimate information on hemp growing so the state can come out at the forefront of the legal CBD and hemp production battle in the United States. 

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