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Highlighting our Best - Selling Herb Accessories

Sep 26, 2022Conner Lantz

Here at High Hemp, we realize the importance of providing consumers with the best herbal wraps to ensure an optimal smoking experience. No matter what your favorite flavor of flower is, you should always consume in style, and with the most convenience possible. 

With that being said, in addition to our amazing selection of herbal wraps, we also have some other great things we are offering to make your daily smoke and your daily life as comfortable as it can be. From our gummies to our tinctures, we have the right stuff!

Now we have come to one of the most crucial aspects of cannabis and hemp consumption: accessories. Keep following along with this blog as we highlight some of our helpful High Hemp accessories for all your various stoner needs.

High Hemp Rolling Trays

First, whether you are an experienced toker or are a newcomer to the green life, everyone knows that having a proper surface on which you can roll is ideal. 

Be sure to check out our High Hemp Rolling Tray, our Mini Rolling Tray, and our Pride Rolling Tray next time you’re looking to roll one up in style!

High Hemp Herbal Grinders]

Secondly, having a grinder that is both functional and compact is another extremely important part of the modern smoking process. No one wants to get their hands all sticky and dirty from your delicious flower, and also, you want to preserve all that terpy goodness as much as you can. 

So be sure to check out our Herbal Grinder and our Large Pride Grinder for the ultimate in flower grinding convenience!

High Hemp Lighters

Next, this one may seem self-explanatory, but there’s nothing worse than finally being done with your blunt, reaching for a light and not finding one there. Or even worse, finding out that you’re out of lighter fuel with no spare lighters around. 

Skip the stress and be sure to grab some of our High Hemp Lighters and our Baked Kookie Zippo Lighter!

High Hemp Containers

Last but certainly not least, one of the most crucial aspects of the proper stoner lifestyle and etiquette is definitely having solid and easy-to-use containers for your herb. Proper storage can mean the difference between tasty fresh buds and flavorless dried-out flower. 

To get the most optimal experience out of your herb, be sure to grab our High Hemp Medtainers (available in 8 chic colors) and also our Pride Stash Pro (for discretely meaningful storage)!

Pride Merch Kits

For the perfect gift for the puffing enthusiast in your life, in addition to the individual accessories we have available in our shop – we have curated an excellent collection of accessories that is the all-inclusive kit that every stoner should have in their arsenal. 

Each of or Pride Merch Kits contains a 4-piece grinder, one of our convenient rolling trays, a stash pro container, and a J-shield which protects your perfectly rolled blunts no matter where your adventures may take you. Check them out, today! 

High Hemp Wrap Co – Making Your Smoking Experience the Best it Can Be!

If you have been following along with our Blog series, we’ve been providing some useful information to make your smoking experience the absolute best it can be. We hope this blog provided some guidance into our popular accessories that are sure to add some zest and convenience to your stoner world.

Stay tuned for more blog content that has to do with everything involving High Hemp, stoner culture, music and art, and much much more. 

Also be sure to follow us on our various social media channels (such as our Instagram)!

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