Generation to Generation: Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Generation to Generation: Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Sep 21, 2022Paola Fernandez
From September 15th - October 15th, we celebrate all things Hispanic; the food, the music, the people, contributions, the culture and more importantly Unidos (unity), but what does it mean to be Hispanic? According, to the Oxford Dictionary "relating to Spain or to Spanish speaking countries, especially those of Latin America.”. However, there is also the term, Latino, Latina, and more recently, Latinx; which is typically more closely associated to people descended from Spanish speaking countries that live in North America. Whatever you identify as, the unifying factor is that we all speak Spanish. Our founder, visionary, and overall company persona de facto, Paola Fernandez originally hails from beautiful Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. In 1986, Paola’s father Jose Fernandez paved the way for Paola to find her voice within the smoking community by opening the first known smoke shop in the area. Throughout her time hanging out at the smoke shop Paola found herself immediately drawn to cannabis culture, the very symbol that would become synonymous with High Hemp. While Paola worked at her father’s smoke shop, she noticed the number of accessories people needed just to smoke. With this knowledge of this demand, Paola quick sought out to fill the gap in the market becoming the first Latinx person to champion & innovate hemp as an alternative to common tobacco wraps. In 2016, the High Hemp empire was forged and currently based out of the United States. It’s important to realize that no matter where you come from, no dream is unattainable, and this generational passage of entrepreneurial mindset goes to show the innovations that Hispanic, Latinx community can achieve

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