Exploring California's Adult-Use Cannabis Culture

Exploring California's Adult-Use Cannabis Culture

Oct 27, 2022Conner Lantz

Here at High Hemp Herbal Wrap Co., we are deeply committed to providing our customers with the best, most natural wraps, products, and accessories on the market. We realize that everyone’s tastes are different. So, we try to operate with this in mind, formulating distinctly enticing flavors that should satisfy all consumers. 

If you have been following along with our previous blogs, we’ve touched on some excellent topics that have to do with everything in canna-world. We also love talking cannabis and hemp culture, especially in the beautiful state of California, so keep reading as we highlight some upcoming Cali-based events.

Cannabis Career Institute Workshop at INCUBAKD

Firstly, if you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking to break into the exciting cannabis industry, this event is perfect for you! Be sure to check out the Cannabis Career Institute Workshop on Saturday, Nov 12:

CANNABIS CAREER INSTITUTE has been the leading cannabis industry education, training and job placement entity since 2009 and continues to be the best in the business. CANNABIS CAREER INSTITUTE, with its impactful, chock-full-of-cannabis-knowledge, one-day workshops, empower!

The seminars are enriching, eye-opening insights into the cannabis industry that must be experienced to fully grasp so that you can take your budding career aspirations into flight. With the business of cannabis having now grown into a multi-billion dollar industry -- with no end in sight -- what are you waiting for? Welcome to CANNABIS CAREER INSTITUTE.

Cannabis Drinks Expo

Next, cannabis beverage lovers, get excited! The Cannabis Drinks Expo is coming to San Francisco on July 27th, 2023:

2023 Cannabis Drink Expo will focus on assisting anyone wishing to enter the market in learning about and developing new products. It will also assist established companies in expanding into new states by connecting them with local producers. 

It will uncover fresh avenues for cannabis beverage marketing and sales and assist distributors and retailers in creating their own store brands. It will look for fresh approaches to cannabis beverage development to increase the market share of end users.

The 2023 show's main goal will be to grow the entire category by highlighting exhibitors who can contribute to it, fostering networking possibilities, and highlighting existing multi-state bottlenecks. Instead of focusing on states, the program will have a global and national audience. Multistate operators will congregate here to identify synergies, do business, and support the category's expansion.

CannaCon Long Beach

Finally we have CannaCon West, coming up on Aug 4-5, 2023 at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California. This exciting event features the latest in modern cannabis.

According to their website

CannaCon West Long Beach looks forward to helping grow the west’s cannabis industry for years to come. Join us in Long Beach to network with like-minded entrepreneurs who are building a bold, new industry. Attend CannaCon for all of your cannabis business needs. 

From seed to seed money. CannaCon is a one-stop shop, from cultivation supplies, the newest industry innovations, world class genetics, business and legal advice, retail displays, extraction technology, scientific and financial trends, marketing, branding and so much more. 

Exhibit at CannaCon to ensure your business is part of an elite group of Industry professionals who are speaking to the right target audience at the right time. Whether you are an industry pro or newcomer, join the Industry Growers paving the way.

High Hemp Co. - Always Supporting Cannabis & Hemp Culture

As we mentioned earlier in this blog – Here at High Hemp Wrap Co., we love the picturesque state of California and all the goodness that it has to offer, especially when it comes to its legal cannabis scene. Be sure to check out these events!

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