Why GMO-Free Hemp is Important

Why GMO-Free Hemp is Important

Nov 23, 2022Conner Lantz

Here at High Hemp Wrap Company, we proudly provide consumers from all over with the highest quality in herbal wraps. We believe in transparency and information when it comes to conscious and responsible cannabis/hemp consumption. In addition to the myriad of factors that make our products so uniquely awesome — is that we are also proudly GMO-free!

The purpose of this blog is to illuminate this great aspect of our products, talking about what GMOs are, GMO-free hemp, and how GM harms the environment. We believe that 100% natural hemp has the power to really make a difference in our planet, and so we are excited to be doing our part to promote its benefits.

What are 'GMOs'?

First let’s talk about the definition of GMOs. Here is a helpful breakdown, according to this resource from Purdue University: 

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Let’s break it down word by word. Genetically refers to genes. Genes are made up of DNA, which is a set of instructions for how cells grow and develop. Second is Modified. This implies that some change or tweak has been made. Lastly, we have the word Organism. When it comes to GMOs, many people only think of crops. Yet an ‘organism’ isn’t just a plant; it refers to all living things, including bacteria and fungi.

With that in mind, GMOs are living beings that have had their genetic code changed in some way. While conventional breeding, which has been going on for centuries, involves mixing all of the genes from two different sources, producing a GMO is much more targeted. Rather than crossing two plants out in the field, they insert a gene or two into individual cells in a lab. Yet, as mentioned earlier, GM technology can also be used on microorganisms. 

What is 'GMO Free' Hemp?

Next, we searched far and wide, and finally were able to find the perfect location for our sourced hemp. We’re here to tell you that the wait and efforts were well worth it. You might be wondering, what exactly is GMO-free hemp? Simply put: our plants that are grown naturally in the Netherlands without any contaminants, not plants that are modified for higher yields or to be resistant to certain pathogens.

The Importance of Environmental Sustainability: Does Genetic Modification Harm the Environment in any ways?

Furthermore, you might also be wondering, does genetic modification (GM) harm the environment? This is a great question that has been studied extensively. According to the Government of the Netherlands, there are indeed some consequences that can be assessed:

Genetic modification produces genetically modified animals, plants and organisms. If they are introduced into the environment they can affect biodiversity. For example, existing species can be overrun by more dominant new species. 

High Hemp Herbal Wrap Co.: Choose Our Products for a Better Smoking Experience

Finally, here at High Hemp, our expert team creates our products and curates our selection for a better smoking experience for our consumers throughout. Being a conscious and responsible modern consumer means that you’re doing your due diligence and paying attention to the products/brands you’re supporting. 

We aim to continue to be an industry leader in natural self-care and wellness products. To us, that means providing you with transparency and the highest in quality, always looking to the future as to how we can improve our operations to benefit you, the environment, and the world at large. 

Stay tuned to our Instagram (linked above) for all of the latest in High Hemp news, hemp culture and education, and much, much more! Happy ‘Highlidays’ from Our Family To Yours! 

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