Ban on Blunts

Aug 16, 2016Skylar Reddy


The US has implemented a nationwide prohibition on the distribution of much beloved tobacco based blunt wraps.  In heavily populated metropolitan areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston, ordinances have already taken effect and removed all tobacco based blunt wraps from the shelves.  Upon recognizing the trend of tobacco regulation and the declining industry, our team hoped to revive the market by eliminating the need for tobacco.

High Hemps was introduced as the first ever tobacco free hemp based herbal wrap.  When developing the product, we sought to create an herbal wrap that was natural to the core.  We are now bridging the gap between old school smokers who simply prefer old school blunts and conscious smokers who are looking for something new.  Our wrap is 100% tobacco, nicotine, and additive free.  Starting from the cultivation, through the process of compaction, and finally in concluding productions, High Hemps is created with the highest quality of herbs and care. 

Noticeably, tobacco based blunt wraps have always been harsh and overbearing in both flavor and intensity of inhalation.  Our smooth, slow burning wrap has been designed to never overpower your naturally occurring herbal flavors or lungs. 

If you currently reside in a location where tobacco based blunt wraps were taken away, request our products High Hemps or Minty's at your local convenience store or smoke shop.


Always Smoke Fresh.

Always Smoke Natural.


This information is not regulated or tested under the FDA. These are non psychoactive ingredients. We do not condone the use of illegal substances this is for legal herbal blends. 

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