Trouble sleeping? Getting rest is as easy as ‘CBD’.

Trouble sleeping? Getting rest is as easy as ‘CBD’.

Apr 12, 2022Phil Alvarez
Tired of not being able to get adequate rest? I was there too, and like many Americans who wake up and turn to the pot of coffee, I was also in it for the liquid courage and energy that caffeine provides us all. By mid-day I start to slowly burn out and become increasingly unfocused on important tasks at hand. When lunchtime rolls around, I’m desperately reaching for another hit of the strong stuff (espresso) to revive my empty mind. When it’s time to unwind from my day and lay down - more often than not I find myself unable to fall asleep. I roll around and ponder possible outcomes to weekly television show cliffhangers, wondering if I paid the lawn guy, and eventually turn to mindlessly scrolling social media. Come day two of the same routine; I’m more tired than I was the day before, however this time I’ve pulled the plug on trying out melatonin. My eyes proceeded to get heavy - “Excellent”, I thought as I began anticipating a decent night's rest I found myself tossing and turning only with the added grogginess the melatonin provided. Where else could I turn? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a derivative of the cannabis sativa plant. While THC is prevalent in cannabis, CBD is extracted from the Sativa plant and contains less than 0.3% of the THC content that traditional cannabis contains. Immediately, I found myself drifting off into a relaxed state. I didn’t feel any mind altering effects, cravings, it was just calmness all over. No longer was I worrying about mundane tasks or television show plot points. I fell asleep. The following day, I ditched the melatonin which doesn’t give proper sleep, it only makes the eyes more sensitive to light which explains the drowsiness.  If you’re in need of sleep, or if you’re just stressed out; I implore you to try our CBD gummies, they taste great and the weight off your shoulders almost feels palpable.

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