High Hemp Co.

High Hemp Artisanal Wrap Cones

$ 42.99
Box or Pouch
$ 42.99

Indulge in the 1st 100% herbal hemp wraps on the market now pre-rolled into a Cone, High Hemp Wrap Cones.

High Hemp Wrap Cones are pre-rolled High Hemp Wraps. The High Hemp Wraps are pre-rolled into an open cone shape around a filter tip arriving ready to be filled with your preferred legal herb or blend.
By eliminating the need for manual rolling, pre-rolled hemp wraps save time & effort, allowing you to relax, fill them up, light up, and enjoy.

High Hemp Cones, also known as High Hemp Wrap Cones and High Hemp Artisanal Cones are High Hemp Wraps pre-rolled into an open cone shape around a High Hemp Filter Tip. High Hemp Wraps and High Hemp Wrap Cones are made out of the same Hemp Paper.

The Wraps used to make High Hemp Cones are made from 100% sustainably farmed organically cultivated European hemp, these wraps are free from toxic ingredients and chemicals. Enjoy a smooth, slow-burning smoking experience with no tobacco or nicotine Vegan, GMO-free, and containing naturally occurring CBD.

High Hemp Organic Wrap Cones are certified organic, tobacco-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free and test positive for trace amounts of naturally occuring CBD.

2 Cones per Pouch
15 Pouches per Box

Unveil a tropical adventure with High Hemp BananaGoo Pre-Rolled Wrap Cones. Infused with a playful hint of banana candy and natural banana flavoring, these cones encapsulate the essence of a banana paradise. The BananaGoo flavor not only offers a sweet, fruity aroma but also a taste that transports you to sunny tropics with every draw. With 2 pre-rolled wrap cones in each pouch and 15 pouches per box, the ease of ready-to-fill cones meets the delightful banana goodness, making your rolling experience a breeze. The High Hemp BananaGoo Pre-Rolled Wrap Cones are your tickets to a tropical escape, where the banana waves ride high, ready to elevate your senses.