Affiliate Payout Information

Affiliate Payout Information

As an esteemed affiliate of the High Hemp Affiliate Program, your earnings are a testament to your hard work and commitment to sharing our mission. We aim to make the payout process as seamless and convenient as possible. Below are the details regarding our payout structure and the options available to you for receiving your well-earned commissions.

Monthly Payouts:

We value your efforts and understand the importance of timely compensation. All commissions earned for orders placed within a calendar month are paid out during the first week of the following month. This schedule allows us to ensure that all transactions are accounted for and that you receive your payments promptly.

Payout Options:

To cater to your preferences, we offer multiple payment methods for you to choose from:

  • Mailed Check: For those who prefer a traditional approach, we can send a check to your registered mailing address.
    ACH Transfer: Opt for an ACH transfer for a secure and direct deposit to your bank account. Banking details can be securely submitted through our affiliate dashboard.
    Venmo: For a quick and easy payment method, choose Venmo. Just provide your Venmo username, and we'll take care of the rest.

Selecting Your Payment Method:

You can select or change your preferred payment method at any time through the affiliate dashboard. Please ensure your choice and associated details are updated before the end of the month to be effective for the next payout cycle.

Please Note:

  • Accuracy in your payment information is crucial to avoid any delays. Ensure your details are current, especially if you opt for mailed checks or ACH transfers.
    In the case of Venmo payments, ensure that your account is in good standing without any restrictions.
    We may apply a minimum payout threshold. Any commissions below this threshold will be carried over to the next payment period until the minimum is reached.

For any questions or assistance with setting up your payment preferences, feel free to contact our support team ( We are here to ensure that your experience as a High Hemp affiliate is both rewarding and hassle-free.