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      Rolling Loud Bay Area 2019

      Rolling Loud Bay Area 2019

      You already know Rolling Loud gets LIT every time, but Bay Area was a movie.

      Our High Hemp Stage had all the heavy hitters like Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Migos and Future. The show was not complete without 21 Savage, G-Eazy (local from Oakland!) and Young Thug! So many amazing artists, blazing it up on our stage. 

      If you were at Rolling Loud in VIP, you probably saw our official High Hemp Lambo. Festival goers had a chance to guess how many High Hemp Wraps would fit in the car for a chance to win $1000 and a huge swag bag. Our Party with P contest winner got to join in on the fun in VIP and by the stage. @ClassicBullets (on IG) made several posts daily in order to win time with our CEO at Rolling Loud! It was great to have one of our fans join us as we took over Bay Area.

      Did you take a walk through our Dome? We stocked the High Hemp Dome with games for you and your friends to play in between sets, a dope merchandise collaboration with Rolling Loud and tons of wraps to choose from, even the newer flavor like Pineapple Paradise! If you were there, you probably went straight back to our official Flavor Lounge, to try out all your new wraps. We decked out the back for our fans to enjoy some chill time while they roll. 

      Next up is Rolling Loud Los Angeles in December! Link is below for information and tickets. You don't want to miss this event! Our stage will have even more talent and our dome will have even more smoke! Lets get it!!!


      Rolling Loud LA Tickets--Follow Us on Instagram for more!


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      The Final Straw

      With all the recent talks about saving the sea turtles, people have started swapping out plastic straws for metal or paper, all over the world people are stopping their use on plastic bags and carrying around their own. Being environmentally conscious isn't just a fad, it's a lifestyle!

      How long have you been a High Hemp fan? Did you know we've gone through countless different packaging options over time? We aim to provide the most mindful options for our packaging and for our products to ultimately make our customers happy with what's in their hand.

      If you're an OG fan, you probably remember the plastic straws that held our wraps in place in the pouch. We phased out those plastic straws over two years ago! Since then we've replaced those with a biodegradable recycled cardboard straw. Making this change was imperative to us in order to stick true to our word and the new cardboard option serves other purposes as well. Before we released our own filters (check them out HERE), we encouraged folks to cut their straws into filters or for pokers! You can also use your empty wrap pouches for a blunt/joint stash bag or save them for finished blunts/joints to avoid littering. 

      What do you do with your recycled straws? 

      (If you find a wrap with plastic straws, please send a photo and feedback to


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